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Back to Mississippi

Sidewalks represent a journey to the paths of my success, follow my steps and take the journey!

by Geraldine Edward Hollis


Back to Mississippi is the story of one of the first young black adults to breach the forbidden entry into a public library in Jackson, Mississippi known as the Tougaloo Nine and broke the existing barriers between the white and the black people.

It recalls the journey of author Geraldine Edward Hollis as she makes her way back home to Mississippi, a state where she was able to succeed in giving all men, women, boys and girls’ equal opportunity and constitutional right to live their lives with the right to vote regardless of race or colors.

March Memories

by Geraldine Edward Hollis

Come with me on a journey back to March 1961. The days of uncertainty, fear, and determination are outlined in a day by day experience. Yesteryear… was where it started, in terms of remembrances. Today, there is an urgency to redirect the “thinking” to self- understanding, directions and possibilities!!!! I am excited about my mission and being a part of this emerging “mind-set”!!!

Goal: enlighten “nationally” and direct the re-education close to our roots! We can move forward, but we must look back seeing from where we came; assess where we are on the road to making the trip of full appreciation by taking a part of the process and making it a personal quest and journey!